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Our work ranges from creating events for gifted parents and families, professional development for teachers, networking, research, offering support for people in crisis, working with low socio-economic schools and meeting with policymakers


On teaching gifted children  – Educator in Focus


Brooke Healy thoroughly enjoys the in-depth conversations and learning a gifted child brings to the classroom.

“I love the different perspective and challenge that teaching a gifted child brings… As complex as it can be, I enjoy figuring out the best way that they learn and what they truly need to help them reach their potential,” she says.

Nothing warms her heart more than seeing a gifted child (actually any child) “run into the classroom with a big smile on their face”.

And “I think teachers need to understand that teaching a gifted child requires the same or sometimes more planning, thinking and time that a child with other additional learning difficulties needs,“ she adds.


Gifted WA Events 2019

More events to be posted shortly

2e2: Teaching the Twice Exceptional

Western Australian Launch

Monday, 15 April 2019
from 18:30-21:00

Location: University of Western Australia, Alexander Lecture Theatre

2e2: Teaching the Twice Exceptional’ is a documentary following the personal journeys of of high school students who have been identified as “twice exceptional” – gifted individuals with additional learning labels or needs. (trailer http://2emovie.com/ )

It shows illuminating interviews with students, parents, teachers, psychologists and therapists.

Brought to Perth by Gifted WA and the Australian Association for the Education of Gifted and Talented (AAEGT), the movie is an honest, bare and thought provoking account of what it’s like to be the parent or teacher of someone who is twice exceptional — a young person who’s both gifted and coming to terms with a learning difference.

2e2: Teaching the Twice Exceptional is produced and directed by film maker Thomas Ropelewski, who is also a parent of a gifted child with ADHD.

In addition, parents and teachers will have the opportunity to question ECU Post Doctoral Fellow and teacher Dr Eileen Slater, psychotherapist Dr Kate Burton and parent/teacher/researcher Kimberley Perry on a panel facilitated by vice president of the AAEGT, Melinda Gindy.

This event is a rare opportunity for further understanding the parenting and teaching needs of twice exceptional children.

As with most of our Gifted WA events, members are free, all staff belonging to a member school are free, and there is a small charge for non-members.

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Tuesday 19 March, 10.30am-12pm

Morning Tea in the City. 

This is an informal catch-up and chat for parents living and working in or near Perth city, and facilitated by the Gifted WA Chairperson, Dean Tollis. Come along for some or all of the morning to The LouVe Cafe in the Alluvian building behind BHP in the city, 58 Mounts Bay Road, Perth CBD. 

This is a free event and there is no need to register, just come along and introduce yourself!

Tuesday 19 March, 6.30-8.00pm – 

Belonging: Reflections on Gifted Children and Friendship

Presentation followed by a Q&A Panel discussing friendship and social skills in gifted children. Hosted by Mrs Jennifer Burton and Dr Kate Burton of Gifted WA. Panel members include graduates of Gifted and Talented Programs who will reflect on their journey in relation to friendship and belonging. 

This is an event targeted at parents, teachers and other professionals (there is no provision for children to attend). 

This is a free event for Gifted WA members, however please register so we can plan for catering and seating.  Click HERE to register (non-members $25). This event is being held at Edith Cowan University, Mt Lawley campus.

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Gifted WA

Chew toys didn’t work. The fingernails have been bitten right down. Maybe we need to invent special chewy T-shirt necks!!! #giftedkids #sensoryneeds ... See MoreSee Less

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Gifted WA

Sometimes the path is bumpy but we see it clearly. Other times we don’t know where it will take us. Thinking of the families receiving GATE results today. ... See MoreSee Less

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2 weeks ago

Gifted WA

There is still time to talk to or email your Federal election candidates about the needs of gifted students.

Feel free to use this email templated and bring this important issue to their attention.

Dear Candidate,

I am very passionate about the diverse needs of gifted and talented students and wonder if they are included in your policy or ideas on education?

Why is it important that gifted and talented students appear in policy at a federal government level? The federal government is responsible for: AITSL, ACARA, and the federal education department. Furthermore, the federal government even has a significant influence on what universities include in their preservice teacher training degrees.

The only key education document that refers to gifted learners and their needs is the Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians (2008). It is rightly so to see them included here.

However, gifted learners are not explicitly mentioned in the AITSL teaching standards which is disappointing. This is despite Australian schools being responsible for the education and well-being of some 400,000 school-aged gifted students, nationally.

Most universities do not include a semester-based unit on gifted education as either a compulsory or optional unit in their preservice teaching degrees, despite a Senate inquiry recommending they do so. Educators are often ill-equipped and under-resourced to ensure each and every gifted student is nurtured through measurable growth.

It is important that all federal politicians support the needs of gifted students when discussing education in parliament.

I look forward to hearing your position and perhaps seeing you at the local shops during the campaign period.
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Gifted WA

While many of our gifties can have hugely advanced imaginations or build and create things well beyond their years, their executive function skills are often at age level or below, which makes it really hard both for them - and those of us who support them. These skills help us to get organized, resist impulses, plan, use time wisely, stay in control of emotions and so on. We thoroughly recommend this book (there’s one for teens also). And here’s a pic of the morning routine chart that’s really helping our house!!! Good luck!!! And post a photo of your routine charts if you have them/are making them! ... See MoreSee Less

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