Actively contributing to research in the field of gifted education


Many of our committee members are active researchers in the field of gifted education. We seek to provide information to all relevant parties so that informed decisions can be made in relation to educational policy and practice  that affect gifted children in Western Australia. We are based in Perth but travel nationally and internationally to present at conferences, and you can find the work of some of our committee members in peer-reviewed journals and books. This year,  Dr. Kate Burton will be presenting at the 22nd Biennial World Conference for Gifted and Talented Children, which will be held in Sydney on 20-23 July.

We believe that all gifted children deserve the opportunity to be challenged and to work at a level commensurate with their cognitive potential. We are passionately committed to advocating for the rights of these young people at a state and national level in order to facilitate their social, emotional and academic development. Our mission is to ensure that all gifted children, regardless of their background, have access to an education that meets their needs. We are currently in the process of developing this area of the website to provide information that is relevant to anyone with an interest in research relating to gifted young people.


Links related to research on giftedness and talent development


Dr. Françoys Gagné, and the Differentiated Model of Giftedness and Talent



The journal TalentEd



The International Research Association for Talent Development and Excellence (IRATDE)






We’d love for you to join us! Please consider becoming a member and supporting us in our mission to ensure that every gifted young person receives the education they need.